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Valuable Ideas For Writing A traffic driven Blog Post

If you are looking for the ideas to write an interesting blog post, then we have some wonderful ideas that surely help you to write quality blog posts for your readers. However, Compelling content and frequent updates are the most important part of a blog.

Implementing these ideas appropriately will surely make your blog post successful.


Go with How-to

Most of the people are searching answers and love to find easy to follow instructions.  Such people give preference to How-to blogs that answer their queries.

Current events

Write a post about interesting update.  After all, everyone looks for what’s going on in the word.

Link your blog to interesting content

Sharing some interesting links from your blog enrich its quality. Here you can find interesting submissions on social bookmarking sites relating your blogs to share with your audience.

Ask bloggers to write guest posts

Ask experts or bloggers related to your blog topic to write guest posts for your blog.


Share tips through your posts that help your reader to accomplish their task in an easier way.

Add Photos or Images

Post an image relevant to your blog post.


Share your own video or video on YouTube related to your blog topic.

Answer your audience questions

Reply to your audience comment. If you find any comment interesting, then use it to enlighten your new post.

Use quotes

Find interesting quotes by renowned personalities and used them appropriately in your blog.

Make lists

People like to see list. Therefore, any kind of list attracts the traffic.  Whether it is top ten things, 5 reasons or best ideas.

Ask your readers

Ask question or write a comment and ask your readers what they think about it.  It helps you to begin a conversation with your readers.

As the blog is one of the vital aspects of search engine marketing, it is important to add every essential element in it. All above ideas will surely stimulate your creative elements; just remember to apply them in an appropriate manner.

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Rich Snippets for Videos

Google suggests to use schema.org on-page markup for the videos. The schema.org vocabulary was developed and is supported by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. With the help of schema.org you can describe your videos  and this will help bots to index and show your videos in organic search. (Find the full specification at schema.org)


  • Do not use any JavaScript or Flash to make schema.org markup visible . To see how your website will appear to Google, you can check on Rich Snippets Testing Tool
  • Submit a video Sitemap that helps Google to find your videos and provides additional video content.

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Video Sitemaps

Using video sitemaps is a recommended way to give us information about your videos. Submitting a sitemap pushes your video

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